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Thursday 7th November 2019

Please select one option from each of the time slots below but note that places are limited in these workshops and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

TIME: 13.45 – 14.45

Workshop 1 - Influencing Policy - Engaging with Politicians and Policy Makers Fully subscribed
The objective of this workshop is to equip researchers with information on how to access the policy making process and hence gain greater policy impact from their research. Having more researchers engaging with Leinster House will raise the profile of research and its relevance to Government policy. It will support a culture of evidence-based policy making and involve the research community in the dialogue around priority areas at a political level. The session will provide researchers with information on practical ways to find opportunities and platforms to present their evidence to politicians and policy makers. Attendees will hear from a panel of experts who are engaging with the policy formation system on a daily basis.

Workshop 2 - SFI International Partnerships Fully subscribed
This workshop will be of interest to researchers looking to learn more about Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and SFI international partnership programmes. Additional topics will include potential opportunities in the US through private enterprise, funding agencies and philanthropic organisations.

Workshop 3 - Working with Peer Review Fully subscribed
This workshop, led by Dr Roisin Cheshire, Head of Individual-led Research, SFI, will assist our community to understand the complexities and rigour of the scientific peer review process. The use of international independent reviewers is an integral part of SFI’s decision making process. SFI utilises both “virtual” and sitting review panels. This workshop will offer tips and learnings from the review process and will look at the use of “mock” sitting review panels to demonstrate 1] the rigour and integrity that are required from the reviewer’s perspective and 2] the key points that an applicant should be considering when writing a proposal.

TIME: 14.55 – 15.45

Workshop 4 - Challenge-Based Funding Workshop Fully subscribed
This workshop will outline key features of the challenge-based funding approach, offering practical lessons for researchers on how and why to engage in challenge competitions. Valuable insights will be provided from the SFI Future Innovator Prize Call and from UK Innovation Foundation, Nesta, who will present real examples to highlight what works well. Nesta has vast experience in the design and implementation of challenge prizes that help solve pressing problems that currently lack solutions.

Workshop 5 - Developing SFI’s Diversity Strategy 2021-2025 Fully subscribed
The current SFI Gender Strategy 2016-2020 has provided SFI with a robust framework upon which to strengthen the representation of women as award holders, team members and in STEM at all levels, and to ensure the gender dimension of research is addressed.
SFI is inviting the research community to input into the development of the new SFI Diversity Strategy 2021-2025, to better reflect the broader areas of equality, diversity and inclusion (e.g. race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, family status etc.). In this brainstorming workshop we would like to hear from you regarding the challenges you perceive or have experienced and discuss potential solutions. The session will be facilitated by experts in this important topic.

Friday 8th November 2019

Please select one workshop below but note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

TIME: 12.00 - 13.30

Workshop 6 - Leveraging Data and Analytics for Best Practice in Research Funding Fully subscribed
This workshop, led by the SFI Strategy and Transformation Team and Elsevier will be of relevance to anyone interested in exploring ways that data and data analytics can be used to improve the researcher experience in navigating the funding system e.g. reducing the administrative burden of grant application and reporting, reducing time to grant decision, increasing transparency. Will include Q&A.

Workshop 7 - Climate Action Research Network Scoping Workshop Fully subscribed
Climate disruption is already impacting on Ireland's environment, society, economic and natural resources. Government’s Climate Action Plan sets out an ambitious course of action to meet these challenges. SFI is exploring innovative new approaches to meet our obligations under the plan. An SFI Climate Action Research Network is proposed to help deliver excellent and impactful climate action research to enable accomplishment of the Plan by building on Ireland’s existing research strengths; identifying and prioritising areas where existing collaborations between SFI Research Centres and other research groups can reap significant benefits in short timeframes; and providing a focal point for the Irish Government regarding climate action research and innovation.
This interactive workshop will be of relevance to all researchers interested in working collaboratively to help tackle the climate emergency, including those external to the Research Centres. It will aim to define a vision for the SFI Climate Action Research Network, set out clear objectives and agree next steps.