SFI Early Career Researcher Award 2022

The Early Career Researcher Award is to recognise outstanding early career research talent.

Nominations should clearly demonstrate that the nominee is:

  • a Science Foundation Ireland funded investigator or team member
    in the early stage of their research career
  • making a significant contribution to their field of research
  • able to demonstrate the potential to achieve world-leading status
  • showing excellent ability in the communication of their research
  • a researcher with a maximum of eight years of research experience (cumulative) since their PhD*

* This is to facilitate nominees that may have taken a career break e.g. for family care or health reasons.

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Please give a summary of their key research achievements, highlighting:

A. Key Achievements in the Generation of Knowledge
Please describe how the nominee has contributed to the generation of new ideas and hypotheses, and the significance/ impact of the latter, including but not limited to, preprints, open data sets, software, publications, innovation and commercialisation activities (e.g. verified invention disclosures, patents, licences, novel assays and reagents), policy publications, and evidence synthesis pieces. Highlight if these are openly available.
B. Key Achievements in the Development of Individuals and Collaborations
Please describe nominee’s role in the success of a team or team members. You may wish to refer to how they have supported individuals in progressing their careers or how they have been integral to a team’s success (including supporting equality, diversity and inclusion in your team and mentoring). You may also wish to refer to contributions they have made to the success of consortia, collaborations, academic activities (e.g. teaching and workshops).
C. Key Achievements in Supporting Broader Society and the Economy
Please describe their key achievements in supporting society and knowledge exchange, such as engagements with the private sector, the public sector and/or the broader public, e.g. spin-out activities, policy changes, including but not limited to, inclusion and/or collaboration of the public in research processes, community education and public engagement, efforts to advise policy makers, positive stakeholder feedback, or the provision of information to the press etc.
D. Key Achievements Supporting the Research Community
Please describe the nominee’s key achievements supporting the wider research community, such as editing, reviewing, and evaluation of researchers and applications for funding. Your response can also include activities such as organising events that benefited the research community, improving research culture (including, but not limited to, ethics, research integrity, equality, diversity and inclusion).