SFI Mentorship Award 2022


This award recognises outstanding mentorship provided by a researcher funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

The mentor must be a Principal Investigator (PI), Funded investigator (FI) or a contract research staff member (postdoc/research fellow) funded by an SFI award that was active at the time of submission of nomination.

The mentor must be nominated for the SFI Mentorship Award by two or more individuals, one of which is, or has been, mentored by the nominee. Separate nominations must be submitted. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

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This section should highlight how the nominee has demonstrated excellence in mentorship and creativity. Some Points to consider in your nomination:
  • How has the nominee supported you in attaining your key achievements?
  • How has the nominee advocated for you in your professional developement?
  • Provide specific examples that illustrate the nominee's success in mentoring you.
  • Describe how the mentor is a positive role model.
  • Provide specific examples of your nominee's mentoring achievements with others within their research group.
  • How has the nominee developed a supportive environment?
  • Are there key lessons that could be shared from being mentored by your nominee?